Sparrow was a member of Cardinal's Air Force and the lover of Cardinal. She and the Air Force first fought Nova and Turbo but were defeated.[1] Later Air Force tried to hijack a Taylor Foundation jet but were defeated by Night Thrasher who threatened to turn off their armor over the ocean if they didn't deliver aid relief to Africa.[2] While in Africa they were attacked by the Undertow's minions the Soldiers of Misfortune. Sparrow's Tanager and Oriole (miscolored as Killer Shrike) were killed[3] and Sparrow was kidnapped along with the New Warriors member Kymaera (Namorita Prentiss)). Both were implanted with chips that controlled their bodies and they were forced to be operatives in the Soldiers of Misfortune. During her time with Undertow she used the name Fast and her counterpart Kymaera used the name Hard. Night Thrasher would later rescue Kymaera but no one else[4]. It's unclear whether Sparrow is still being controlled by the Undertow.

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