Dr. Farley Stillwell was a scientist who tested radioactivity and neogenics. At a demonstration which was attended by Peter Parker, Stillwell irradiated a spider which led to the creation of Spider-Man.

Stillwell was later hired by J. Jonah Jameson to transform Mac Gargan into a supervillain capable of eliminating Spider-Man. Stillwell chose to experiment with Gargan's DNA and that of a scorpion's, since the scorpion was a natural predator of the spider. This created the Scorpion, who eventually went on a rampage after realising he'd become a monster. Stillwell was unable to reverse Gargan's transformation and the neogenic research was eventually destroyed by Stillwell who didn't want to risk the creation of any more beings like Scorpion.


None known.


Scientific knowledge of radiation and neogenics.

Strength level

Norman human male.

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