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Years ago....

Reed Richards is being shown around a home by Marygay Dinkins, as he is seeking to rent out a room while he is attending university. Reed examines the property but isn't totally sold until he looks out the window and sees Marygay's niece Susan Storm. It's love at first sight.


The Fantastic Four continue their adventure through time and space with Franklin and Valeria. Reed informs Ben that they have made contact with a civilized world called Ayleth and have been invited to visit that world. Although they are exchanging information, Reed tells the Thing that visiting the world is important because experiencing their culture is important. When Ben sits down in his chair one of the legs snaps, setting off a prank that Johnny put into play earlier. The two almost come to blows, but Reed stops them, reminding them that their ship is much more fragile and the sort of shenanigans they got up to in the Baxter Building could mean their deaths in space. The Invisible Woman notices that Ben is pretty upset and when she asks him what's wrong, he tells her that he just feels cooped up aboard the ship.

Soon the Fantastic Four arrive on the planet Ayleth and are greeted by Drae, the ruler of that world. They are warmly greeted, but everyone is in for a shock when the people of Ayleth begin bowing before Sue and revealing her like a goddess. Drae tells them that the legends of Sue's arrival were spoken of in of in the ancient Caves of Faen, the starting point of their civilization.

The Past

It's the day that Reed Richards is moving into the room that he has rented. He has help from his best friend, Ben Grimm. Regardless, the boxes Reed carries are heavy and Sue offers her help. Reed declines, and ends up tripping over his feet and spilling the contents of the boxes all over the floor. As the two gather up the items, their hands touch for the first time, and Reed's feelings for his future wife began to grow.


The Fantastic Four and the children are the guest of honor for a great feast. It is there that Drae tells them more about the Caves of Faen where paintings foretold their coming and how it is where their people learns to speak, write and create art. Impressed by this legend, the Fantastic Four inquire about seeing this cave and their request is granted. When the children protest, Sue tells them that it's important and will be educational.

The Past

Reed shows up at Aunt Mary's house to take Susan out on a date. When he and Aunt Mary are left alone, Reed tries to explain that he has nothing but honorable intentions for her niece. Mary is convinced as she is sure that he already loves Susan very much. Before they go out on their date, Aunt Mary tells them to wait while she goes to fetch a camera.


It's nighttime and Reed is still awake thinking of those early days when suddenly Franklin cries out for his mother. This wakes Sue and both parents rush into the room where the children are sleeping. Franklin has had another nightmare about the family being bombarded by cosmic rays and warns them again that they shouldn't come to outer space. Sue offers to stay with the children to try and calm them down and Reed returns to their room alone. The next morning, Reed gets everyone ready to explore the cave. He learns that the Thing went outside to get some fresh air, and Sue is so tired she falls asleep at breakfast.

Later they go down into the cavern and are shocked to find a painting of the Fantastic Four on the walls. This comes as a surprise, even more soe when Drae also decrees that the Invisible Woman will be worshiped as a queen. Later, Sue returns to the ship to find Reed hard at work. She found the entire day with the aliens tiring. After some thought she tells Reed that she thinks Franklin is right to suspect that he is hiding something from the rest of them, but Reed doesn't entertain her suspicions.

The Past

Reed Richards is in the process of moving out of Aunt Mary's house and this has Susan upset because she thinks he doesn't care about her. However, Reed informs her that it is quite the contrary. Becuase he loves her so much she is a distraction to his work and his productivity is down 46%. He explains to her that if he doesn't go he will only think about her. This causes her to love him even more.


Reed is thinking about all these past feelings and writing them down for his wife to read later. He thinks about the danger they could all be in due to the decay of the Unstable Molecules in his body. He also thinks about his relationship with his wife and realizes how much he takes her for granted.

Getting inspiration, Reed uses the time machine aboard their ship to travel back in time to Ayleth's ancient past. There Reed travels to the cave and is the one who makes the painting itself. With his work complete, Reed Richards returns the present leaving the ancient ancestors of the Aylethians discover the painting. Returning to the ship, Reed wakes up his wife and tells her that she was right and they have something to talk about.

Continuity Notes

  • This story states that Reed moved into Marygay's home while Sue Storm was in her late teens. This refutes previous recountings in Fantastic Four #291 and Fantastic Four #543 that state that Sue was only 12 years old when she first met Reed. In the letter page from Fantastic Four Vol 4 #9, Tom Brevoort explains that they changed Sue's age because having a college-aged male falling in love with a pre-teen was inappropriate. However, this creates some issues with continuity, namely regarding Sue's physical age:
    • In Marvel Knights 4 #1 Sue states that she was 21 years old when she first went into space in Fantastic Four #1 and (at the time of the story in Marvel Knights 4 #1) she was thirty. Based on the measurement of time per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616, Sue would be roughly 32 years old at the time of this story.
    • Meanwhile, per Fantastic Four #605, at the time of this story Reed is roughly 50 years old per the Sliding Timescale. This would make Reed about 38 years old around the time of Fantastic Four #1.
    • By the original version of Reed and Sue's first meeting, nine years had passed from the time that Reed and Sue first met, making Reed 29 at the time.
    • Sue's actual age is not mentioned in this story, but she appears to be a young woman who is at least 19 years old. This drastically ages Sue making her 28 at the time of the space flight and closer to 40 at the time of this story.
    • This drastically contradicts all of the events that Reed partook in after leaving State University. As such, readers could assume that while Reed did first meet Sue when she was 12, he didn't develop romantic feelings until they reconnected when she was older.

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• An alien world, a thousand-year-old prophesy—is the Invisible Woman a long-awaited intergalactic messiah?

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