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Fantastic Four Vol 1 74


Fantastic Four Vol 1 74

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Alicia Masters (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 49 0001
Alicia Masters
There must be some way -- to save you!
Conversation Tail
FF 72 p20 Surfer
Silver Surfer
No! It is truly -- hopeless!
Conversation Tail

Appearing in "When Calls Galactus"Edit

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Synopsis for "When Calls Galactus"Edit

Ben Grimm pays a call to his girlfriend Alicia Masters and is shocked to see that the Silver Surfer has already paid her a visit. He quickly learns that the Surfer is afraid that Galactus is coming back for him. When Ben acts dismissive of this, the Surfer loses his temper and attacks the Thing, having grown tired of Ben's jealousy over the larger issue. He commands Ben to look in his eyes, and he sees an image of the Punisher coming to Earth. They quickly arrive at the Baxter Building where Johnny is helping a clean-up crew with repairs to their headquarters following their battle with Daredevil, Thor and Spider-Man. [1] When they tell Johnny what is going on, the youth is not very sympathetic, opining that the alien should go back to his master. The argument does not go much further as the Punisher arrives outside the building. When the Surfer fires a cosmic blast at the construct, the work crews make a run for it as Johnny and Ben prepare for battle.

Ben ventures out to the rubble to see if the Punisher was destroyed and is attacked. The two begin battling it out as Johnny enters the fray as well. Elsewhere Reed and Crystal begin trying to convince Sue that she needs to get out of the city until the baby is born because it's the only way she will remain safe. Suddenly they hear the battle raging outside with the Punisher and Reed rushes off to help. He arrives just in time so save Johnny after he knocks the Punisher into the river and the resulting splashdown douses his flame. As Reed begins to battle the Punisher, Galactus draws ever closer to Earth, his hunger growing he is fully prepared to rescind his oath to spare the Earth if his former herald refuses to return to the stars as his herald once more.

Back on Earth, Ben pulls himself out of the rubble and takes a cab out to the waterfront to rejoin the battle with his friends. When the three male members of the Fantastic Four begin to pile on the Punisher, the robot is overpowered and is suddenly teleported away, leaving them to ponder their next challenge -- Galactus himself. Just then the ship carrying Galactus appears over the Earth and a search beam is trained on the planet to search for his exiled herald. In the aftermath of the battle, the FF realize that the Surfer had disappeared when the fighting started. Johnny suddenly remembers what the Surfer had said before he vanished, that there were "worlds within worlds."

This story is continued next issue....

Continuity Notes

  • The Silver Surfer was last seen in Fantastic Four #72 where he failed to unite the world by becoming a common enemy, a mission that was interrupted by the Fantastic Four. The Surfer has been exiled on Earth since Fantastic Four #50 for betraying Galactus.
  • The Punisher cyborg was last seen in Fantastic Four #49 when it was used to battle the Fantastic Four the last time Galactus was on Earth. When Galactus was seemingly slain in Fantastic Four #175, the Punisher Cyborg ended up in the hands of the Rigellians as seen in Iron Man #110.

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