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Quote1 X-Men! Big deal! They're just a bunch of cornballs, if you ask me! Who'd they ever lick? Quote2
-- The Thing

Appearing in "We Have to Fight the X-Men!"Edit

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Synopsis for "We Have to Fight the X-Men!"Edit

Alicia Masters is having the Thing move her latest sculpture of him as Reed and Sue read the latest newspaper reports about the mysterious heroes known as the X-Men. Ben later upsets Alicia by bringing up her step-father the Puppet Master.

Incidentally, the Puppet Master has agreed to meet with another Fantastic Four foe, the Mad Thinker who has developed a plan to destroy their mutual foes. The Thinker has determined that the X-Men's telepathic leader could be used to manipulate the X-Men into attacking their foes. Having tabulated circumstantial evidence to make a passing composition of this mysterious leader, the Puppet Master is able to mold a new puppet out of his clay. Despite the fact that it is lacking any facial features, it succeeds in enthralling the X-Men's leader Professor X all the way at the X-Men's headquarters. Having Charles Xavier under their control the Puppet Master has him summon the X-Men and orders them to destroy the Fantastic Four.

Even though they are confused by these orders, the X-Men comply and fly their helicopter to the Baxter Building. Initially they act friendly to the Fantastic Four who invite the young mutants into their home. It's when Reed is showing off his latest work does the X-Men's leader Cyclops launch the opening attack with his optic blasts. With Cyclops and Beast are battling Mister Fantastic and the Human Torch; Marvel Girl uses her telekinetic powers against the Thing; Angel and Iceman attack the Invisible Girl. When the male members of the Fantastic Four begin gaining the upper hand, the X-Men flee the scene with Sue as their prisoner. Reed and the others follow the X-Men to the Mad Thinker's hideout where the X-Men are commended by Xavier to continue their battle against the Fantastic Four.

The Mad Thinker launches various weapons to assist in destroying the Fantastic Four, leading the X-Men to realize that someone must be enthralling their leader. The Puppet Master and Thinkner reveal themselves and threaten to harm Professor X if they do not comply with their wishes. This threat fails because at that very moment Xavier is able to break free from the Puppet Master's control. The X-Men then come to the aid of the Fantastic Four and help them battle the Thinker's Awesome Android. While they keep the android distracted, Professor X is able to shut it's mind down with his mental powers. During the confusion the Thinker and Puppet Master manage to escape, leaving the Awesome Android behind. With the threat now over, Professor X orders the X-Men to return home, leaving the Fantastic Four to wonder if they will ever meet the group of mutants again.

  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

Continuity Notes

  • Sue Storm's concern over the X-Men being mutants covers the overall underlying theme of prejudice that has been synonymous with the X-Men title for decades. Actual prejudice towards mutants was always implied in early issues of the X-Men but were not fully explored until later on in X-Men #8
  • The Puppet Master had previously been on the loose after his step-daughter Alicia convinced the Thing to let him go in Strange Tales #116. The Mad Thinker was last seen being turned over to the authorities in Fantastic Four #15. There is no clear explanation as to how the Thinker became free or recovered his Awesome Android.
  • At the time the identity of Professor X was a secret that was not well known to the general public, hence why the Mad Thinker and Puppet Master appear unaware. Xavier kept the ties between his School for the Gifted Youngsters, the X-Men, and the fact that he was a mutant a secret until many years later in New X-Men #122.
  • Although he abandons his Awesome Android here, somehow the Mad Thinker recovers it when he next appears in Fantastic Four Annual #3. No explanation is given as to how he managed to recover the Awesome Android.

Continuity Errors

  • Cyclops' thought bubbles reveal that he was aware of the Mad Thinker's involvement before the Mad Thinker reveals himself to the X-Men. This appears to be an error.
  • The caption window states it was the Thing that destroyed the Puppet Master's puppet, when it was in fact Beast.

  • In the letter column of this issue Stan Lee declares that Bruce Banner's real name is Robert Bruce Banner. This is in response to fans writing in and pointing out that he mistakenly referred to Banner as "Bob" in issues #25 and #26
  • credits:
    • Written By.......Stan Lee (The Leader!)
    • Drawn By........Jack Kirby (The King!)
    • Inked By........Chic Stone (The Master!)
    • Lettered By.....Art Simek (The Letterer!)
  • references: Strange Tales #120 and Fantastic Four #15

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