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Quote1 ... You and your fiery ally have seriously underestimated the Fantastic Four! Quote2
-- Reed Richards

Appearing in "Back to the Basics!"Edit

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "Back to the Basics!"Edit

Diablo, the self-styled Master of Alchemy, sends four 'elemental' beings to track down and defeat the individual members of the Fantastic Four, but his plan is foiled by Reed's quick thinking as he works out ways to change each elemental's state of matter, thereby destroying them. The FF track down and apprehend Diablo with the help of Dr. Strange.

  • This is the first issue for John Byrne as both writer and artist of Fantastic Four. His run consists of "classic feel" storylines reminiscent of the early Stan Lee/Jack Kirby motif on Fantastic Four. However, Byrne also inserts a number of new elements and twists into the title. Like him or not, his run on the title must be considered impactful and considerable. He will remain as the regular writer and artist on the title until Fantastic Four #293 (August 1986) (over five years).
  • Inks are credited to Bjorn Heyn (anagram of John Byrne).
  • This issue does not contain a letters page.

  • The artwork on the splash page (page one) closely resembles the cover of this issue.

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