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Fantastic Four Vol 1 142


Fantastic Four Vol 1 142

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Quote1 Face it Richards. This is it... The end of the Fantastic Four! Quote2
-- Ben Grimm

Appearing in "No Friend Beside Him!"Edit

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  • Fantastic Four's Jet-Cycle

Synopsis for "No Friend Beside Him!"Edit

The fact that Mr. Fantastic just turned his son into a vegetable is just too much to bear. Reed stands as a shattered leader, husband and father as the rest of the team walks out. Only Medusa remains with Mr. Fantastic. But before Ben leaves the Baxter Building, he comes across an unopened letter from Alicia. In no time, he is aboard a transatlantic flight to catch up with his gal.

When Ben finally does meet up with Alicia, he discovers she is about to have a very special operation to restore her sight. But the real complication comes from a local superstition about a demon prowling about at night. It doesn't take long for the Thing to find out there is truth behind the fears, as he is attacked by Darkoth the Death-Demon while walking the night streets alone. The fight ends abruptly, leaving more questions than answers for the Thing to ponder.

Meanwhile, the Human Torch and Wyatt Wingfoot make an unexpected visit to Metro College to talk with one of Reed's old colleagues and Sue takes Franklin back to the Linder's farm in the country. Alicia's impending operation holds Ben's full attention. Once her sight is restored he is certain she will no longer love him as the Thing.

After pacing outside the operating room, Ben bursts in to check on his girlfriend's condition, but the room is completely empty. Suddenly Darkoth is upon him once again and the ensuing brawl leads to an underground lab. Darkoth eventually scratches the Thing, drugging him and rendering him helpless. Back in the U.S. Reed and Medusa show up for an alumni meeting of Reed's old college class. This is no ordinary alumni dinner, though. The host is none other than Dr. Doom!

Continuity Notes

  • Although the Fantastic Four break up here, Reed, Ben, Johnny and Medusa reform the team by the end of Fantastic Four #145
  • The creature known as Darkoth leads everyone to believe that he is a demon from Hell. In reality he's actually a creation of Doctor Doom as revealed next issue. It is later revealed in Fantastic Four #193-194 that Darkoth is actually Desmond Pitt, an old colleague of Ben Grimm.
  • Coach Thorne and his wife Belle were last seen during Wyatt's graduation in Fantastic Four #138.
  • Reed notes that the portraits hanging up are familiar, it's revealed next issue that they come from the Latverian embassy. Reed would have seen them when he first visited the embassy in Fantastic Four Annual #2.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Fantastic Four Fan Page. Letters are published from Paul Minnick, John Rhoades, Jr. and Mark Lerer.

  • No trivia.

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