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Fantastic Four Vol 1 103


Fantastic Four Vol 1 103

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Appearing in "At War with Atlantis!"Edit

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Synopsis for "At War with Atlantis!"Edit

As they make their approach for the US coast, the Sub-Mariner spies on the Fantastic Four and sees that they are preparing for war against his people. At his side is Magneto, who continues to fan the flames of Namor's aggression in order to suit his own plans for conquest.

Meanwhile, at the Baxter Building, Reed contacts the head of the military and convinces them to wait until the Fantastic Four can deal with the situation before mobilizing forces to face Namor's army. Growing impatient, the Human Torch tries to speed off but is pulled back by Reed. He then orders Sue to take their son Franklin to Agatha Harkness' home on Whisper Hill to keep him safe. Just then, the President calls in and gives Reed one chance to stop Namor, telling the Fantastic Four that the United States has its army mobilized to strike if they should fail.

While Sue and Franklin take off for Whisper Hill, Crystal is ordered to stay behind and monitor things at base while Ben, Johnny, and Reed go off to face the Atlanteans. When Namor's ship detects the approach of the Fantasti-Car, the Sub-Mariner decides to face them alone. While his back is turned, he does not see Magneto use his powers make the sub fire a missile at the Fantastic Four. Spotting the missile, Reed activates a jammer device as Namor exits the ship to stop the projectile. The resulting blast strikes the Sub-Mariner knocking him into the water below. The Thing dives in after him, while, inside the submarine, Magneto makes his move, using his magnetic powers to incapacitate the crew intent on taking over the invasion so that mutants can rule the world. At that moment, Sue drops Franklin off with Agatha Harkness before departing to join the others. However, along the way, her ship is spotted by Magneto, who uses his powers to destroy the vessel and take Sue prisoner.

Meanwhile, the Thing and Sub-Mariner battle it out below the waves, but Ben proves no match when his air begins to run out. When Namor returns to the surface, he finds his flagship missing, but, before he can leave to look for it, he is attacked by Johnny and Reed. Ben joins the battle, but Namor manages to pull away toward his fleet. As the Fantastic Four subdue Namor, they learn that they were all manipulated by Magneto. Just then, one of Namor's soldiers informs his king that there is a message waiting for him. Going to a view screen, Namor and the Fantastic Four see that Magneto has both Sue and Lady Dorma as his prisoners. Magneto demands that Namor join his cause if he wants to keep the women safe. As the communication terminates, Johnny and Ben realize that the fate of the world rests in the hands of both Namor and Reed, whose women are in deadly peril.

Continuity Notes

  • Unknown to all, the astral projection of Professor X is active in the area observing the situation, as revealed in X-Men: The Hidden Years #20. As such he is listed as being behind the scenes in this issue.
  • Lady Dorma's kidnapping here occurs after her appearance in Sub-Mariner #29.

    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The Thing battles Namor! Magneto clobbers everyone! Romita's artwork flips you out! It's the old-time Marvel magic!

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