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Fantastic Four
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Cosmic Radiation mutation
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This incarnation of the Fantastic Four received their powers in a matter identical to their Earth-616 counterparts.

In this reality, since Charles Xavier was not around to create the X-Men, the Fantastic Four had to fight and stop Magneto when the mutant terrorist made his first move. They succeeded in this. Later, when Charles Xavier emerged as the Juggernaut and destroyed all the mutant-hunting Sentinels, the Fantastic Four were send to fight him. While the Fantastic Four fight Xavier's followers, Juggernaut sneaks away to a lab. Using his mind abilities, he searches the minds of the world’s smartest men to find out how to undo the Fantastic Four. He comes out with a gas gun that cures the team of their cosmic powers. With all of them reduced to humans, Xavier orders them to leave his house.

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