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Two Generations Previous

John Richards + unknown
Nathaniel Richards
Ted Richards

_ Storm + unknown
Franklin Storm
Marygay Jewel Dinkins

_ Grimm + unknown

Daniel Grimm
Jacob Grimm

Sophie Grimm

Previous Generation

Nathaniel Richards + Evelyn Richards + Cassandra Richards + Ms. Vernard (alleged biological mother)
+ Victor von Doom (adoptive father)
+ _ Alvarez (alleged parent)
Reed Richards unnamed son
Tara Richards
Kristoff Vernard Zarathustra
Paul Alvarez

Franklin Storm + Mary Storm
Susan Storm
Jonathan Storm

unknown + unknown (possibly Marygay Jewel Dinkins)

Nathaniel's or Evelyn's sibling + unknown

Daniel Grimm + Elsie Grimm
Daniel Grimm Jr.
Benjamin Grimm

Jacob Grimm + Alyce Grimm (legal guardians) + Petunia Grimm
Benjamin Grimm

Current Generation

Susan Storm + Reed Richards (guardian)
Future Foundation
Franklin Richards
Valeria Richards

Adolf Impossible
Artie Maddicks


Jonathan Storm + Lyja (Anulled) + Amy Brys
unborn child

Benjamin Grimm + Alicia Masters
(God parents)
Franklin Richards

Hamish + Muriel

Alternate Reality Previous Generation

Gary Richards + Mary Richards
Reed Richards

Enid Richards
unnamed daughter

Earth-2301 Earth-9047 Earth-93563]] Earth-TRN348 Earth-9602 Earth-9602
Frank Storm + Mary Storm + Mary Storm + Mary Storm + Mary Storm + Mary Storm + Billie Lumpkin
Sioux Storm
Jonatha Storm
Sonny Storm
Jack Storm Richards
Susan Storm
Steve Storm
Jonathan Lowell Spencer Storm
Ace Storm
Johnny "Red" Storm
Johnny Stormtrooper (clone)
Tino Lumpkin

Daniel Grimm
+ Rachel Grimm
Ben Grimm

Alternate Reality Current Generation

Earth-1720 Earth-917 Earth-71166 Earth-91111 Earth-91112 Earth-93563
Reed Richards + Susan Storm + Lissette Orvola + Susan Storm + Susan Storm + Susan Storm + Jack Richards
Valeria Richards unnamed daughter Franklin Richards
Valeria Richards
Franklin Richards
Susan Richards
Franklin Richards
Mary Richards

Earth-721 Earth-772 Earth-772 Earth-917 Earth-1000 Earth-1123 Earth-1610 Earth-1720 Earth-6706 Earth-8610 Earth-9032 Earth-9809 Earth-42777 Earth-71166 Earth-91111 Earth-91112 Earth-97567 Battleworld (Latverion)
Susan Storm + Benjamin Grimm + Namor McKenzie + Reed Richards + Namor McKenzie + Anthony Stark + Namor McKenzie + Benjamin Grimm + Reed Richards + Namor + Benjamin Grimm + Benjamin Grimm + Reed Richards (biological father)
adopted by Victor Von Doom
+ Blackagar Boltagon + Reed Richards + Reed Richards + Reed Richards + Victor von Doom + Victor von Doom
Leonard McKenzie Franklin Richards Leonard McKenzie unnamed son (possibly Leonard McKenzie) unnamed daughter Valeria Richards Remy


Valeria Fen
Daniel Grimm
Jennifer Grimm
unborn child Valeria von Doom Franklin Richards
Valeria Richards
Franklin Richards
Susan Richards
Franklin Richards
Mary Richards
Valeria von Doom
Franklin von Doom

Earth-98 Earth-982 Earth-8610 Earth-9511 Earth-9811 Earth-89112
Johnny Storm + Crystalia Amaquelin + Lyja + Crystalia Amaquelin + Alicia Masters + Janet van Dyne + Alicia Masters
Ray Storm
Luna Maximoff (step-daughter)
Torus Storm Rainbow Storm Marissa Storm Matthew Storm Jonathan Storm Jr.

Earth-721 Earth-982 Earth-1000 Earth-1610 Earth-8610 Earth-9032 Earth-9997 Earth-71166 Earth-93563
Ben Grimm + Susan Storm + Sharon Ventura + Alicia Masters + Susan Storm + Susan Storm-Grimm + Susan Storm + Alicia Masters + Alicia Masters + Debbie McIlvane
Alyce Grimm
Jacob Grimm
Petal Grimm unnamed daughter Daniel Grimm
Jennifer Grimm
unborn child Buzz Grimm
Chuck Grimm
Yancy Grimm

Jacob Grimm

Daniel Grimm

Earth-1000 Earth-2301 Earth-7316 Earth-8610 Earth-9511 Earth-9997 Earth-71166 Earth-89112
Alicia Masters + Benjamin Grimm + Reed Richards + Jericho Drumm + Matthew Murdock + Jonathan Storm + Benjamin Grimm + Benjamin Grimm + Jonathan Storm
Petal Grimm Franklin Murdock Marissa Storm Buzz Grimm
Chuck Grimm
Yancy Grimm

Jacob Grimm

Daniel Grimm
Jonathan Storm Jr.

Alternate Reality Second Generation

Earth-98 Earth-967 Earth-2600 Earth-9891 Earth-41001
Franklin Richards + Zawadi + Rachel Summers

+ Rachel Summers
+ Victor Creed (adoptive father)

+ Rachel Summers + unknown
N'Yami Susan Richards Jonathan Richards David Richards Dream Summers-Richards Rico

Valeria Richards + Bart Banner
Trin Richards-Banner
Kirby Richards-Banner

Torus Storm + unnamed wife

Alternate Reality Future (Generations Later)

Nathaniel and Cassandra's son + unknown
(generations later)
Nathaniel Richards (Kang)

Nathaniel Richards (Kang) + Ravonna Renslayer + unknown + unknown (adopted)

Marcus Kang I through Marcus Kang XXII
Marcus Kang XXIII

Uriel Worthington
Eimin Worthington

Nathaniel Richards (Immortus) + Ravonna Renslayer
Marcus Immortus

Jonathan Storm + Frankie Raye
(generations later)
Jim Storm

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