Fagin was a member of the Brotherhood, a militant mutant terrorist group. One of Fagin's missions involved him recruiting Mike Asher from his high school, and in the process stumbled across an unknown mutant being beaten up by a gang. Fagin attempted a rescue but he himself had to be rescued by the Brotherhood's leader Marvin Hoffman.[1] A little later, Fagin helped convinced Mike not to commit suicide over being a mutant[2] and was present when Asher did eventually join them.[3]

Fagin and Asher were then sent to the London Cell of the brotherhood.[4], where they were told they would have to deal with an ex-Brotherhood turned informant[5] and then had to take out X-Force's Doop. In the ensuing battle with the X-Force, Fagin was killed by Vivisector.[6]



  • Bone Spikes: He can generate spikes all over his body
  • Possible Healing Factor: He also probably has an accelerated healing rate to seal the wounds, caused by projecting his spikes, with no visible scarring.

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