In the alternate future MC2, Fabian LaMuerto, the son of the current Black Tarantula has taken up his father's mantle. Fabian wears a variation of his father's suit, removing the sleeves and using futuristic metal gauntlets and boot-soles, and possesses the same superhuman powers as his father, as well is trained in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts. He would made his first appearance in a conflict with the crime lord Canis.

Many originally thought he was responsible for the death of Wilson Fisk. It was proven later to be Canis. Fabian later confronted Canis, and was about to do away with him, until Spider-Girl intervened. She talked Fabian out of committing the act, after which he departed. Later, the Black Tarantula started to show an interest in May's crime fighting career. Spider-Girl makes the discovery later though, that her benefactor is working with Lady Octopus to replace Canis as the Kingpin of Crime. Feeling betrayed, she accused him of using her. Fabian denied it, stating he is fascinated by her and that they are destined to be friends, if not more. Kaine and his team arrive, buying Lady Octopus time to run, while being pursued by Raptor and Spider-Girl. Black Tarantula defeats the combined forces of Kaine, Quickwire, and Big Man. He then willing surrenders to Spider-Girl, not wanting to harm her. Fabian later escapes custody.

Though a criminal, this Black Tarantula has a deep sense of honor, and he has helped support Spider-Girl's crime-fighting career. He does have a hidden agenda, however--he hopes to win her over as "his mate." Black Tarantula and Spider-Girl face each other often, and their story is ongoing. He attempted to negotiate with the Cabal of Scriers (the former lackeys of Norman Osborn) to call off their hit on Spider-Girl, and when this failed, he challenged their leader to mortal combat for leadership of the Cabal. Victorious, he ordered the hit cancelled.

It is revealed that after the time jump between the series, the Black Tarantula is the current kingpin of crime and it is implied that he is interested in the mysterious item that Mona Carlo is carrying[1]. Mona, a known con artist, stole a disk from her boyfriend and was planning to sell it. The disk supposedly contained information about the organization of Wilson Fisk. Black Tarantula and the Hobgoblin were about to start a war to obtain it. Fortunately, with the help of Mad Dog, Spider-Girl obtained the disk and left Mona safely with the police. Chesbro reported to Black Tarantula about Spider-Girl's interference. Fabian decided to move on, but sent a threat to the Hobgoblin, warning him to "back off" from Spider-Girl.


Black Tarantula possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift (press) up to 25 tons. He also possesses superhuman speed, agility and durability of an unknown degree. He has a powerful healing factor on par with the likes of Wolverine or Deadpool that, combined with his superhuman durability, make him extremely difficult to seriously injure. He is also able to stimulate the healing process in other people's bodies, though he does this rarely. He is able to fire laser-like beams from his eyes, but this drains his physical resources severely so it is only a last resort.


Black Tarantula is skilled at different forms of martial arts, and has a genius level intellect.

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