Ezekiel Stane became the CEO of Stane International after the death of his father, Obadiah Stane and the takeover of rival company Stark Enterprises. Stane began to have unknown illegal shipments being delivered all around the world. One of his operations became botched when Logan and the new Ghost Rider intervened in Malta.

Ezekiel Stane (Earth-62412) from What If Age of Ultron Vol 1 2 002

Stane later set up his operation in the Savage Land, to rebuild the Master Mold unit created by Bolivar Trask, and power it up by the Stark armor in order to mass produce a Sentinel army. When the New Fantastic Four traveled there to stop him, they were briefly ambushed by Stane's men until the Hulk punched a hole through the cave so they could gain access into the hideout. Ezekiel finally showed himself to the heroes and explained what the armor was being used for.

Logan then questioned Stane about how could he ever control Master Mold if it come online since it only responded to the bloodline of the Trask family, Stane showed off a little girl who was hooked up to machinery and said she was a relative of Bolivars who he had found as an orphan who he called Ms. Trask. Stane powered up the armor and as Master Mold became active, the Hulk did a fastball special to Spider-Man in hopes that he could disconnect the armor from Master Mold's central core. Spider-Man indeed achieved his goal but knew the end result, that the armor would overload and destroy itself, with him along with it.[1]

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