The Extreme Reporter began his career as a Mixed Martial Artist and fighter who failed to find success in his chosen field. His victories came from his ability to trash talk and distract his opponents until they were too disoriented and full of rage to think out their plans and attacked blindly. He built a character out of this behavior, using his hammy and over the top performances to climb in the world until he was able to begin staging his own personal sporting events as "The Extreme Reporter", which he commanded from his personal blimp over New York.

During the Cross-Species Virus epidemic, The Extreme Reporter flew his blimp over Manhattan to video tape the Amazing Spider-Man as he soared throughout various races and trick challenges. While some believed the show was in bad taste in the middle of the chaos, just as many considered The Extreme Reporter a valiant man doing his best to use his job to keep the people of New York's morale up during the taxing times.

  • The Extreme Reporter is voiced by none other than Bruce Campbell, who previously voiced the narrator in each of the Raimi Spider-Man movie trilogy tie-in games and had a (different) cameo in each of the three films.
  • During the game, The Extreme Reporter voices a strong hatred for numerous objects, including donuts, pagodas and the feeling of floating and boredom.

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