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Seen in Thunderbird's dreams

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Seen in Thunderbird's dreams


  • Panoptichron
  • The 20 Consecutive Cascading Collapsing Realities saved by the Exiles: (Only appearance)[1]
    • Earth-27519
    • Earth-27520
    • Earth-27521
    • Earth-27522
    • Earth-27523
    • Earth-27524
    • Earth-27525
    • Earth-27526
    • Earth-27527
    • Earth-27528
    • Earth-27529
    • Earth-27530
    • Earth-27531
    • Earth-27532
    • Earth-27533
    • Earth-27534
    • Earth-27535
    • Earth-27536 (Sinister Six Reality)
    • Earth-27537 (Serpent Society Reality)
    • Earth-27538 (Hellfire Club Reality)



Solicit SynopsisEdit

A stand-alone issue focusing on an Exile that’s been out of action of late, Thunderbird! Comatose in a stasis wall, the fallen Exile is dreaming of a world where he had stayed with the team! What would have changed?! And would the team have been better off?! An Exiles issue fans cannot miss!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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