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Forged of an unknown, likely mystical, metal, the Evil Eye is virtually indestructible and can manipulate matter at the molecular level, fire concussive force blasts, disintegrate matter, nullify other energy sources, and create or destroy force fields. The Evil Eye also has dimensional/time travel powers. It apparently had a "safety" button that charged it, but if the button was left in the on position, the power would rapidly grow too high until it exploded. When it exploded, the Eye would be split into six similar parts that would be driven through the planet, not stopping until they reached sunlight once again.

Placed in the care of Prester John, who later transformed it into his Stellar Rod.


  • The Avengers Vol. 1, No. 118 December 1973; Featuring: The Defenders, Dormammu, Loki, The Watcher
  • Black Knight Vol. 1, No. 3 August 1990; Featuring: Doctor Strange, Valkyrie, Morgan Le Fey


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the defender/avenger war started while fighting over the evil eye

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