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Everwraith is the astral embodiment of all the people that died during the nuclear attacks to Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II. [1]

He initially ploted revenge against the United States of America but decades later, realized that Japan had excelled both financially and technologically; he then believed this was a result of the atomic attacks. In the Modern Era, Everwraith started to disappear, as the Japanese started to forget the anger that formed him. [1]

However before departing he wanted to leave a last gift to Japan: a new nuclear attack horror, believing this was the only thing that will make Japan grow even further. He saw his opportunity when an electromagnetic pulse released by Magneto caused the Japanese hero Sunfire's atomic-based powers to go out of control. [2]

He also kidnapped Hiro Takachiho's mother in hopes that this wouldput him in conflict with Sunfire. However when his plan was discovered, Hiro ended up joining the Japanese super hero team Big Hero 6. [3]


  • The Everwraith is not a corporeal beign, and though he could be sliced into pieces, he could immediately reassemble himself.
  • He can go through a person and cause them great pain.
  • He can spring necto-plasmic energy out of his power, teleport people and siphon energy from a being.


  • He is vulnerable to Sunfire's flames, thought whether it's fire in general or just atomic fire is unknown.
  • He can also be rendered tangible with a type of necto-plasm.

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