Eva was once one of the Morlocks, until she was depowered on M-Day mid-transformation into her liquid stone form, leaving her left arm permanently trapped in that state. She was comparatively lucky, as she saw many of her community whose survival was dependent on their powers die grisly deaths.[1]

She and the rest of the depowered, desperate Morlocks became known as the Dregs, the outcasts among outcasts. They were exploited by General Meltdown, who had survived his encounter with Wolverine and Havok years earlier and retained his powers. Meltdown promised to return the Morlocks' powers using his radiation, but in reality did so only to feed off their now-radioactive bodies, as they got sicker and sicker. Eva was the only one in the know about this, but kept quiet due to Meltdown bribing her with all the beautiful things she never had. [1]

Eventually, Eva's guilty conscience got the better of her, and she enlisted the help of Wolverine, who killed Meltdown for a second time and saved the Dregs.[1]


None, she was depowered on M-Day.

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