Below is an index of residents of Europe. They exist on Earth-616 unless otherwise stated.

Resident Index of Europe

Bruno (Burglar) (Earth-616)

Bruno (Burglar) (Earth-616) from Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 13 001


Bruno was a burglar who was shrunk and encased in a crystal ball by a gypsy.[1]

Gustave (Earth-616)

Gustave (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 59 001


In a remote city in the heart of Europe, Gustave witnessed Dr. Doom turning the skies pitch black using Silver Surfer's powers.[2]

Gypsy (Earth-616)

Gypsy (Earth-616) from Amazing Fantasy Vol 1 13 0001


When Bruno came to hide in her shop from the police, she trapped him inside her crystal ball. [1]

Hans (Mountaineer) (Earth-616)

Hans (Mountaineer) (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 60 001


Hans and his fellow mountaineers witnessed a flying saucer coming down and some alien-looking Inhumans setting up a camp in the woods, before being chased off by a rock slide caused by Gorgon, one of them.[3]

Miklos (Earth-616)

Miklos (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 24 001


In a hostile nation somewhere in Europe, Miklos and his rebel brigand band attacked Daredevil, but they were easily defeated.[4]

Stromm (Earth-616)

Stromm (Earth-616)

Professor Stromm

Geophysicist Professor Stromm was found by Dr. Banner in a captive European nation.[5]

Wagner (Earth-616)

Wagner (Earth-616) from Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 14 001

Herr Wagner

Herr Wagner was the founder of a wax museum located in a lonely European village.[6]


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