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Quote1 I just ripped my best friend's brain out so I could save her. How 'bout I do the same to you? Quote2
-- Ernst src

Ernst first appeared as a student of Xorn's "Special Class", and had a close friendship with fellow student No-Girl (Martha Johansson).

After M-Day she retained her powers though she didn't make the cut for the New X-Men because she was excused by Emma Frost from the battle royale. Ernst currently lives at the Jean Grey School.

When Logan died, he asked Spider-Man to find a mole within the school. Spider-Man then reformed the Special Class, composing of students that he thought would be the mole. Ernst was later revealed to be the mole, as she made a deal with Mr. Sinister to give Martha a new body, however it was a devious plan as Martha was placed into a Storm clone and forced to do Sinister's work, resulting in her getting it out to save her. While the teachers planned to expel her, Spider-Man and her friends vouch for her to stay, and she receives 5 months of detention.[1][2]


Superhuman strength[3]

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