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The X-Men went to Genosha when Emma Frost detected Professor Xavier. After an attempted "commando raid" by Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men, Magneto stated he found Xavier on the shores of Genosha in a coma. He had been caring for his old friend ever since. He allowed the X-Men to take him back to the X-Mansion and said they should consider living on Genosha.

Later, Nightcrawler arrived in Genosha's fog and the cargo ship was pulled onto the island's shores and the boat was torn open and a ramp was created for the mutants on the ship. Magneto was surprised to see an X-Man on the island, but welcomed Nightcrawler anyway.

Magneto palace was made entirely of metal, making it impossible to infiltrate should someone attempt to do so. Nightcrawler made that observation, but dismissed it. Nightcrawler mentioned that Xavier was still in poor condition and Magneto stated the X-Men were so trusting.

When Nightcrawler discovered Genosha's "prison" system, Magneto defended his actions, stating that some mutants required "re-socialization" which entailed indefinite imprisonment. After a battle, Nightcrawler escaped by teleporting from Genosha to the Institute where Magneto had Mystique waiting for the X-Man's return.


Magnetokinesis Magneto possesses indefinite ability to control metal and magnetic fields. His powers extend beyond the borders of Genosha within the fog, which he may be manipulating.


He is skilled in leading his mutant kind.


Without his helmet, he's vulnerable to telepathic attacks.


Metal helmet which he "liquifies" when not in use.


Blink's teleportation powers

  • Magneto makes his first appearance on billboard advertisements for Genosha, a "haven" for mutants guaranteed equality, safety, and freedom.
  • While the Scarlet Witch is present on the island, Quicksilver is not welcomed for some reason.

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