Erik Gorbo was a scientist working for S.H.I.E.L.D. who used their facilities to create a serum that enabled him to turn into a monstrous ape in order to commit crimes. His persistent monkeying around led him into conflict with Captain America and the Falcon.[1]

He later sacrificed his life when protecting Captain America from Mole Man's attack.[2]

  • Enemy of Capt. America
  • [Adventures Into Weird Worlds#3(3/52)"Nothing Can Stop Me"[[1]]A story about another scientist whose "super-simian serum" turned him into a gorilla(noraml size) in a failed attempt to make himself more physically attractive to the woman he was in love with.
  • Other humans mutated into gorilla form by science:Ape-Man(Gordon Keefer) and Germs that turn people into Apes[Mystery Tales#15(9/53)Shhhh![[2]].

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