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The past history of Eric Williams on Earth-9997 are presumably similar to that of his Earth-616 counterpart. Through unrevealed circumstances, the Grim Reaper has died in this reality, and his soul was among the many that reside in the Realm of the Dead, a realm created by the Elders of the Universe to collect parts of the fragmented Multiverse. There he would be in endless battles between this realms deceased super-heroes and super-villains.
Following the death of Death, the Grim Reaper was also seen in Mar-Vell's Paradise, a realm created by Mar-Vell just outside of the Realm of the Dead to give those willing to admit they are truly dead their own paradise realm. The Reaper was also present during the Kree invasion of this realm. His current whereabouts are unknown.


Seemingly those of Eric Williams of Earth-616.

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