Eric served as a member of the Thunder Guard in his guise as Stormtrooper.

However, Eric had serious moral reservations about the work of the Thunder Guard. He felt trapped, as defection meant death. During one of his missions, he was forced to kill the daughter of a friend for her activities in the resistance.

He encountered Thunderstrike during the Avengers' second infiltration of his world.

When they did battle a second time, Thunderstrike was able to revert Eric to human form. Eric, disgusted with the life he'd lead since his son died asked to be killed. Thunderstrike refused and revealed that on his Earth, he was Eric's son. Following the defeat of the dictator, the Avengers departed for their own Earth. Thunderstrike chose to stay and build a relationship with Eric.


Super-human strength and durability.


Possed a mystical Uru mace which allowed him to fire concussive energy blasts, fly (to a limited degree), change forms (also, when he reverted to Eric Masterson, his Stormtrooper form would heal) and has limited teleportation abilities.

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