Eric Kesselwolfe was a German citizen who was a Prussian loyalist. After the Nazis' rise to power, he was forced to join their military to spare his life as he had no love for their ideals. During World War II, he was sent to Belgium to assist in the take over of the country. During his time as a Nazi, he murdered the parents of Louis Remiens a Belgium resistance fighter, who vowed to get revenge against Kesselwolfe.

Following the Nazis defeat in 1945, Kesselwolfe fled to Brazil like many Nazis during the time and started up a spy network under the alias of Mr. M. A German scientist named Hans Ludwig, an associate of Kesselwolfe had alternatively fled to New York and was granted asylum as a refugee. Ludwig had invented a powerful sun-ray and hired Mary Varnheim to transport it to Brazil to Kesselwolfe so that the former Nazi could take over the world and instill his Prussian ideals on the world. However, Varnhiem sought to double-cross Kesselwolfe and sell the formula to the highest bidder. After much misadventures and interference from government agent Miss America, a spy named James Ilse was able to bring the formula to Kesselwolfe. However, the exchange was interrupted not only by the arrival of Miss America, but rival Nazi war criminal Rex Herr and American espionage agents. Outnumbered, Kesselwolfe and the other spies were all apprehended and the formula recovered by the American government. As he was being led away by the authorities, Kesselwolfe and Herr clashed over their differing ideas of the "perfect" German.[2]

Kesselwolfe's subsequent fate is unknown.

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