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History of character is unknown.

Power Grid [6]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
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The Dagda possesses the conventional physical attributes of the Celtic gods.

The Dagda has vast magical energy powers that surpass the energy-wielding of most of his fellow Tuatha de Danaan.[1]


Despite his girth he is a capable warrior and swordsman. He is also an exceptional leader. [citation needed]

Strength level

The Dagda possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift 90 tons without using his other powers.[1]


His mystic cauldron of plenty,[citation needed] the magical caldron Undry could feed entire nations without emptying, as it contains a perpetual supply of physical and spiritual nourishment.[1]

His harp could produce music to bend the seasons to his will, extending autumn or hastening spring for summer at will,[citation needed] by controlling atmospheric conditions.[1]


The Dagda owns an enchanted[citation needed] wooden club[1] with enough power to slay nine men with a single blow or to restore those fallen in battle back to life. When he dragged the ground with it, he created furrows in the earth.[citation needed] He used as a striking weapon, or as a wand to channel his spells.[1]

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