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Enthralla, the niece of Mastermind, was an established villain of the X-People. When J2 came to visit the team at Jubilee's invitation, Enthralla tricked the X-People into seeing J2 as her, leading them to attack. J2's mystical helmet made him impervious to Enthralla's power, however, and he defeated her and freed the X-People from her control.[1]

Enthralla later sought revenge on J2 by posing as Black Tom Cassidy and luring him to Cassidy Keep. J2 wanted to find out more about his father, but instead his allies Magneta and Wild Thing were hypnotized by Enthralla into her slaves. Once again, J2's psychic immunity allowed him to free his friends and oppose Enthralla.[2]


Illusions: Enthralla possesses illusion powers similar to Mastermind's. She uses a hypnotic stare to mesmerize her victims and can then manipulate them to see or believe whatever she choose.

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