Enric Zagnar was a professor of metaphysics who was a resident in Valley Town. He believed that the laws of nature were meant to be broken. However his lectures were considered vile by the university and he was forced to resign. He vowed revenge against those who scoffed at his claims. Soon with a book of black magic he summoned a violent storm that threatened to destroy Valley Town with lightning and floods. However this affront to nature attracted the attention of the other-dimensional law enforcer known as the Vision who went after Zagnar after saving the locals from danger.

Zagnar failed to stop the Vision from climbing the mountain that he had positioned himself on and in a one-on-one struggle was ironically struck by a bolt of lightning from the storm he created -- killing him instantly. With Zagnar dead, the Vision used his book to end the spell causing the storm to fade away.


Enric likely had untapped magical potential.


Enric was an expert of metaphysics.


Enric had a book of black magic. Of the many spells it contained the only one he used created a violent storm that threatened to destroy a small town with it's lightning strikes and potential for flooding. The full range of spells in this book, and it's fate following Zagnar's death is unrevealed.

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