Enoch Mason (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 13 0001
Enoch Mason, a widowed inventor who created the "Dimension Smasher", a device that could create an opening from one dimension to the other. He believed that supernatural beings that were seen as ghosts were really beings from an immaterial dimension next to ours. In order to get the money needed to build his device, Mason would get loans from criminal "Brains" Borelli.

Unfortunately for Mason, Borelli bore a grudge against scientists after years of being made fun of for being less than intelligent. Borelli took great pleasure in sending his men to collect before scientist could test their experiment, and if the money was not available, destroy their invention. However, when Borelli would send his men to do the same to Mason, the smoke from one of their cigars would prove to be the catalyst that would allow Aarkus the Vision to Earth. The Vision would slay the mobsters and, taking on a human guise, would help Mason come up with a plausible explanation for the authorities.

That night, Mason, his daughter Sheila and Aarkus would be captured by Broelli to be killed. However, Aarkus would resume his alien form and subdue Borelli and his men, freeing Mason. With the Vision having vanished in the aftermath, Mason would not consider this the last he would see of the new hero.[1]

Later, Enoch would invite Aarkus back to his home as he would realize that the rift created by the Dimension Smasher was still open, and as such puts the Earth at risk by the creatures of Aarkus's home world. The rift would have to be closed, leaving the Vision to choose between returning home or staying on Earth. The decision would be made for him when a crook named O'Shaugnessy was hired to pose as Mason's gardener to learn of his connection to the Vision by his crime boss employers. A stray shot from his gun would cause the portal to open unleashing a Kalimachh upon the Earth. While the Vision would slay the creature, Mason and his daughter would overcome the fears created by the monsters black smoke and close the portal, trapping the Vision on Earth. The Vision would destroy the monster and then confide in Mason that perhaps fate has decreed that he remain on Earth.[2]

A good example of Professor Enoch Mason's theory on Ghosts being extradimensional beings is seen in JLA/Avengers#3(12/03) pages 22-27(People from partially merged Marvel Earth & DC Earth appeared to be Ghosts to each other).

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