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England, officially the Kingdom of England, is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It shares land borders with Scotland and Wales. England is separated from continental Europe by the North Sea to the east and the English Channel to the south. Its Capital and Largest city is London.

Ancient History

The landmass of where England now lies served as the site of the Battle of Venarum. After the battle, the Cimmerian Conan fought with another man over a woman, accidentally contributing to the woman's death after an encounter with the Children of the Night. In industrial times, Conan reincarnated as James O'Brien, returning to save the reincarnation of the two people in the modern times from the Children of the Night, at the cost of his life.

The Caretakers of Arcturus built Stonehenge. Later, Lord Tantalus would imprison the Demon Druid (a Kree Eternal) there.

Age of Knights

King Arthur's famed Camelot brought fame to pre-English Britain in the 6th Century. The Troglodytes emerged from Britain.

According to 20th century scientist Emil Natas, he lived a past life as the wizard Diablo Natas in the year 1313 AD. He terrorized the countryside until he was stopped by Captain Amerigo and Bucky, the apparently the 20th century heroes Captain America and Bucky in past lives as well[1].

20th Century

In the early 20th Century Peter Hunter was given some of the power of the Green Knight and became the superhero Albion during World War I; around the same time, Montgomery Falsworth became the first Union Jack and helped found the WWI era super team Freedom's Five. In the 1940's, Falsworth's son Brian succeeded him as Union Jack and his daughter became Spitfire, both of them fighting alongside the Invaders. In 1946, the Angel traveled to the town of Blackmoore to claim the inheritance of one of his ancestors[2]. In 1947, the Redcoat fled to England after stealing jewels that were gifted to President George Washington during the early days of American independence. He attempted to place them in the tomb of his ancestors, but he failed in this task thanks to the intervention of the Blonde Phantom[3].

Modern Age

In more recent years, a number of superheroes have appeared including Captain Britain, Motormouth, Digitek and several iterations of the group Excalibur.

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