Doctor Doom developed this device to copy his own brain pattern on a living android of his design, the Doomsman, thus ensuring his loyalty and mind power. The Energy-Transferral Helmet required Doom to take over his mask -never a pleasant activity-, then place the helmet on his head. It also required the android to be dormant. Lastly, the process could be performed in several sessions.[1]

During one of these sessions, the process was interrupted by Doom's guest slash prisoner Ramona. As Ramona succumbed to her prejudices and started violence, Doom stopped the process to take care of her. By that point, however, the process seemed to be over and the Doomsman was able to move by himself.[1] Later, Doom confirmed that their minds were identical.[2]

Doom eventually discarded the idea of an army of Doomsmen, as they were very dangerous, thus shelving the Energy-Transferral Helmet.[2] He later developed other means of transferring his mind to others, such as the Memory Transference Machine used on Kristoff Vernard.[3]


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