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Event Synopsis

Quote1 Witness the death of a species... Quote2

Endangered Species Event: Episodes and Synopses


  • This series serves as a prelude to the Messiah CompleX.
  • This one-shot sequels itself into 17 other back-up stories in several X-Men related titles. The first one begins in X-Men Vol 2 #200, runs through issues of New X-Men Vol 2, X-Factor Vol 3, Uncanny X-Men and concludes in X-Men Vol 2 #204.


  • No trivia.

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Recommended Readings

X-Men: Endangered Species
Prologue: X-Men: Endangered Species #1 Part I: X-Men #200 Part II: Uncanny X-Men #488 Part III: X-Factor #21 Part IV: New X-Men #40 Part V: X-Men #201
Part VI: Uncanny X-Men #489 Part VII: X-Factor #22 Part VIII: New X-Men #41 Part IX: X-Men #202 Part X: Uncanny X-Men #490 Part XI: X-Factor #23
Part XII: New X-Men #42 Part XIII: X-Men #203 Part XIV: Uncanny X-Men #491 Part XV: X-Factor #24 Part XVII & Part XVII: X-Men #204

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