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Docklands, England
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Signal, Divider, Feedback, Hang
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The once sealed Matrix Microverse was polluted by matter. This was predominately believed to be matter from Earth-616 arriving via Dark Angel's dimensional void. The first entities to seize on the incoming matter mentally crafted themselves material bodies. The then manifested a demonic ever growing hell hole of a city to live in and plan their attack on the Masters of the Matrix. They believed that to rule the Matrix Microverse would be to own the Multiverse. They planned to pollute the Matrix and watch the whole Multiverse disintegrate, the mere threat of doing so ensuring their rule. To this end, they developed weapons to counteract the Masters of the Matrix, and hardware to penetrate their mind defenses. At first their weapons could not even scratch mental creations of the Masters of the Matrix. However, they learned too fast for the Masters, for while they dwelt on things cerebral, they conquered the practicalities of material existence and their powers grew. They became known to their enemies as the Encoders.[1]

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