Apocalypse was an insane force of destruction, sometimes described as the personification of evil. He was a nearly invincible opponent, with a Juggernaut-like state of durability. He showed no known limitations to his power and knowledge, and claimed to be "as far beyond mutants as they are beyond humans".[1]

Apocalypse attempted to destroy and remake the "corrupt" and "weak" world in his own image. He was secretly behind the assassination attempt of Senator Kelly. Later, he masqueraded as a member of the friends of Humanity and used Graydon Creed in creating a virus to infect and kill every mutant on Earth.[2]

Archangel, his former Horseman became hell-bent on destroying Apocalypse, and discovered that the immortal mutant in fact had a weakness, though this was discovered to be a hoax, created by Apocalypse himself. Apocalypse also witnessed Magneto's televised speech declaring Asteroid M a safe haven for mutants, And with Deathbird, he revived Fabian Cortez, after he had been left to die at Asteroid M by Magneto.[3]

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Apocalypse attempted to attain godhood by kidnapping the most powerful psychic beings from across the universe, planning to kill them simultaneously, in order to release a wave of psychic energy powerful enough to destroy everything. Inside the Axis of Time, he'd then re-create the universe in his own image. Magneto and Mystique had been assisting Apocalypse without full knowledge of his intentions, believing he would merely recreate an earth ruled by mutants. Upon learning Apocalypse's true plot, they helped the X-Men stop him. In the end, the freed psychics used their combined powers to trap Apocalypse in the astral plane, where he would remain for all eternity and never harm mankind or existence again.[4]

Apocalypse communicated from the astral plane with Fabian Cortez, whom Apocalypse had turned into his servant prior to the Axis of Time events. He charged Cortez with finding a powerful mutant for him to be reincarnated in. However, it ended with Apocalypse claiming Cortez himself for a vessel, and Apocalypse lived once more.[5]


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