Emma Frost is the daughter of Charles Xavier and an unknown mother. A mutant supremacist, she is first seen as a member of Apocalypse's Horsemen. After a failed attempt to steal the Iron Avengers during which she was beaten by Vision, Emma seemingly leaves the group to return to New York.

Joining up with her father and half-sister, Tessa, Emma becomes a member of Xavier's fledgling Hellfire Club, where she attempts to gain the position of White Queen by recruiting Jean Grey. After several failed attempts, she comes to realise her father is blocking her and her sister from the inner workings of the club and leaves. She is soon confronted by Jean and Wolverine and when she refuses to co-operate, the latter kills her.


Seemingly those of Emma Frost (Earth-616), though she does not display her diamond form ability, perhaps suggesting this version does not possess that power.


She can not use her telepathic abilities on machines, making Vision a troublesome opponent for her.

  • Emma's mother was quiet and enjoyed writing haiku and flying kites.

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