Emil Frank was a doctor who worked in New York City, and lived with his son Robert. In 1941 Emil would be visited by a mobster named Grannio who would ask him to patch up a rival mobster named Jennings. This was unknown to Jennings and as he operated to remove the bullet from Jennings body, Grannio would interfere with the operation causing Jennings to die. Liable to be charged with murder, and with Grannio and his minion Spike threatening to swear that he killed Jennings in cold blood, Frank would be forced to leave the country. Taking Robert with him, they would relocate to Africa.

While exploring, Robert would be bitten by a poisonous snake. Going into a coma from the venom, Bob would be rescued by a mongoose. Witnessing this, Emil would notice that the mongoose was mortally wounded. In his distress he would decide to use the mongooses blood to revitalize his son. Despite how ludicrous his idea was, Robert would be revived from the brink of death, and amazingly enough was somehow endowed with super-human speed. The strain too much for the elderly Emil, he would pass away explaining the changes that happened to Robert.

Robert would avenge his father's death by returning to New York. As the costumed hero known as the Whizzer, Robert would capture Grannio and clear his father's name.


Emil was a skilled doctor.

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