Emil Burbank is a man with many aliases and possibly the greatest intellect on the planet. He has Doctoral Degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Metallurgy, Psychology, Economics and literature from three different universities. As a child, he sexually abused his older sister by drugging her unconscious with chemical compounds, eventually leaving her in a permanent catatonic state. At 18, his parents died in a car accident, which he arranged and boasts about even while trying to say it was an accident. Emil is noted for malicious and homicidal retribution against those he feels have wronged him. A school bully and a professor who accused him of cheating were both caught in fires started by Emil.[1]

After identifying himself and agreeing to work for the government, General Alexander sends Emil, Nuke, Arcanna, and Shape to apprehend or destroy Hyperion. While fighting Hyperion, Arcanna's quantum powers, Nuke's radioactive blast, and Hyperion's flash vision combine to create an effect that sends them all to an alternate reality, where Hyperion and most of the other heroes wage war against Earth's governments, to "save" humanity. However, the "alternate" reality is actually the same reality, only years in the future. Emil and Hyperion are the only two members of the Squadron Supreme aware of this information after the five are returned to the correct time stream.[2]

Emil was to be on the covert operations team after Hyperion's return to America, but after Mark informs Jason Scott of the project and gives him a list of the super-humans working for the government, the U.S. President gives a press conference and announces the formation of the Squadron Supreme.[3]

The team is sent to Uganda to apprehend John M'Butu, a fast-rising tribal leader gifted with a powerful verbal suggestion ability, who calls himself the Voice. Burbank reveals that he has developed counter measures to defend himself from everyone on his team, except for Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum. Before Amphibian attacks him, he attempts to defeat her with a powder he designed to kill her by suffocation.[4]

On a mission codenamed "Long Walk", to take down insurgents of the Ilam Province in Iran, Emil developed technology that disrupts the functionings of the inner ear, incapacitating the soldiers, who Emil then proceeded to shoot. After Inertia found a little girl, using Emil Burbank as a translator, Edith finds the relatives, who had the girl's mother for being raped a perceived dishonor in their culture, and buries them up to their necks. She then gives the girl a steel bar with which to kill them. After "Long Walk", Emil Burbank is at the conference to act as a bodyguard.[5]


Even though Emil's enhanced intellect is a direct result of the retro-virus, Emil denies it, insisting that his genius is his own doing. The military tested him for the retro-virus and its presence led them to recruit him. Immense intellect in humans is not unknown in history, such examples being Archimedes, Leonardo Da Vinci and Buckminster Fuller, but not to the extremes that Emil exhibits.


Though not displaying any physical super powers, Emil demonstrates that he can defend himself in combat situations by the use of certain types of technology (Squadron Supreme #4)

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