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The Elves with Guns (at least two identical Elves were seen, though there may have been more) were servants of the alien Tribunals and were used by them as part of a complex and seemingly pointless scheme to break up the Defenders. The Elves appeared to be in some way connected with Melf, another Elf who several years earlier had committed a number of seemingly random murders, and they claimed that he had been one of their number and working towards the same ends. However, since the Tribunals scheme was later revealed by Doctor Strange to be a "cosmic hoax" and a later appearance by Melf's nephew Relf makes no mention of them, nothing about their claims can be regarded as positively verifiable.


Transportation: Vintage car able to traverse dimensions
Weapons: Guns


There is no known connections between the Elves with Guns and other races of Elves, such as the Elves of Asgard, the Elves of Otherworld, the Elves of the North Pole or the Elves of Weirdworld.[1]

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