Elsa Bloodstone was hired as a tour guide to explore a series of caverns along the banks of the Yangtze in China. There, they discovered a statue of a dragon forged out of solid gold. Elsa telephoned her client to inform him of the discovery and she arranged to have the Golden Dragon shipped back to the United States.

The statue was then used as a decorative fixture for the grand opening of the Golden Dragon Casino in Las Vegas. On the day that it was relocated, a plague of lizards erupted across the Las Vegas strip.

Elsa began to have misgivings about her involvement with the recovery of the statue. She contacted millionaire Tony Stark who also owned a popular casino on the strip. Tony escorted Elsa to the grand opening of the Golden Dragon Casino. Her misgivings about the statue bore fruit as it suddenly came to life and revealed itself as the ancient creature known as Fin Fang Foom.[1]

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