A fascist and racist vigilante who kills gang members, drug dealers, and other criminals who "lower the tone" in his upper-class neighborhood. He even shot a lady's dog that urinated on the sidewalk and ran off a hot dog vendor who had set up shop in Elite's neighborhood by tossing a live grenade in the vendor's cart. Nevertheless, Elite was well-spoken: he was actually polite to his victims.[1] Elite runs an art gallery and has a wife, son, and daughter. Elite later joined up with Mr. Payback and the Holy to form the Vigilante Squad, planning to exterminate all of New York City's criminals.[2]

When the Punisher confronted the Vigilante Squad, he called Elite "a Nazi". Elite was gunned down by the Punisher seconds later.[3]


Many but his favorite is pistol and sniper rifle(both silenced)

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