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Elisa Sinclair originally appeared to be a character inserted in Steve Rogers' memories by the sentient Cosmic Cube Kobik as part of her plan to retroactivelly turn him into a Hydra double-agent.[1]


According to herself, Elisa was a powerful ancient witch whose powers had an extensive reach.[2] In the 1920's, she was a Hydra operative.[3]

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Elisa in 1926

In New York City, Elisa witnessed a young woman, Sarah Rogers, being abused by her husband, Joseph Rogers, in the middle of the street late at night. She intervened using impressive fighting skills and easily took him out. Elisa befriended Sarah and provided for her and her young son Steve, noting that the boy was destined for greatness. Before they parted ways, Elisa invited Sarah to a local meeting for the "Hydra Society."[3] After successfully getting Sarah to join a community center operated by Hydra, Elisa had two thugs murder Joseph once she noticed he continued abusing his wife.[4]

Sarah discovered Elisa had been responsible for Joseph's disappearance and planned on leaving with Steve. However, while packing her luggage, she was visited by Sinclair, who tried to convince her otherwise. When Sarah lunged at her, one of her men killed her.[5] Elisa then took young Steve to The Keep, a Hydra academy where he was severely indoctrinated the following years. She even vouched for him when her fellow Hydra members Daniel Whitehall and Sebastian Fenhoff doubted the kid's aptitude, ensuring the boy had potential.[6]


In 1936, Sinclair returned to The Keep to discuss with other high-ranking members the possibility of joining forces with Nazi Germany, her connections with the Thule Society being crucial for such alliance. Elisa opposed Baron Heinrich Zemo's desire to join forces with Hitler, thinking him of being nothing more than a power-hungry madman, but was ultimately outvoted.[7]

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Resurfaced in the present


In 1942, Elisa was accused of being a spy, which prompted Helmut Zemo to send Steve (now Captain America) after her.[8] Steve later confronted Elisa and tried to kill her. She revealed to him her nature as an ancient witch, and convinced him they were being misdirected, pointing Steve towards the supposed true threat to Hydra, the Red Skull.[2]

Modern era

Elisa resurfaced in the present, having taken up the mantle of Madame Hydra. She intercepted Taskmaster and Black Ant before they could give a recording that revealed Steve Rogers as an agent of Hydra to Maria Hill.[8] Sinclair decided to keep them alive, having become impressed by them, and forced them to become her personal guards. Together with Taskmaster and Black Ant, Elisa gathered numerous people of interest to become the new High Council of Hydra.[2]

Madame Hydra reunited with Captain America after he overthrew the Red Skull as the Supreme Leader of Hydra, supporting him as launched a plan of conquest to take over the United States of America.[9] Weeks into Hydra's new regime, Rogers attacked The Mount, the base of the Underground, a coallition of heroes and civilians who opposed the new order. Following The Mount's evacuation, an A.I. back-up of Tony Stark's mind activated a self-destruct mechanism within its suit in an attempt to take Captain America with him. Madame Hydra intervened, and used a teleportation spell to save Steve's life at the cost of her own.[10]


Magic: Elisa appears to be a powerful witch, with the ability to cast believable illusions, such as when she made Sebastian Fenhoff feel and see that he had lost his tongue,[6] and extend her longetivity.[8] She has claimed to have been in league with Elder Gods and Chthon himself.[2]


Martial Arts: Elisa possessed impressive fighting skills, being able to take out a man twice her size with ease.[3]

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