Before the world became over-run with the zombie contagion, it was business as usual for Thunderball, becoming involved in a fight with Daredevil for an unknown reason. During this fight they spot someone apparently beating up an old lady, and Daredevil uses the distraction to billy-club him in the face, and goes to protect her. While Daredevil is distracted teaching the wrong-doer a lesson, he gets clobbered by Thunderball’s wrecking-ball. Thunderball thanked the stranger for his help, and they went their separate ways.[1]

Later, Eliot is apparently ambushed by a horde of zombified super heroes, and though he does his best to fend them off, and despite Punisher’s help, wading in with all guns blazing, the two of them are quickly over-powered and succumb to the contagion.[2]


Seemingly those of Eliot Franklin of Earth-616.

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