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Elijah Cross was one of the thousands of mutants to be depowered due to the effects of M-Day. Believing the U.S. government to be responsible for M-Day, Elijah founded and lead the terrorist organization X-Cell.[1]

He was targeted by FBI agents and S.H.I.E.L.D. Cape-Killers.

Eventually, he sought out Quicksilver for help. Using the power of the Terrigen Crystals, Quicksilver was able to briefly repower Elijah and a few other members of X-Cell.[2]

X-Cell (Earth-616)

Elijah Cross leading the charge with X-Cell

Discovering X-Cell's plans to attack the government, the X-Factor Investigations crew came out enforce to stop them. During the battle, Elijah's body was overloaded by the Terrigen Crystals and he exploded, making the X-Cellers from their own fates. In order to prevent his teammates Reaper and Fatale who were becoming unstable from their powers from exploding in street, Abyss teleporthed them and himself into his Brimstone Dimension.[3]


Elijah was a mutant, but lost his mutant powers due to the effects of M-Day.


Elijah bowling through a small army of Madrox's dupes

  • In X-Factor Vol 3 #17 and #18, Elijah was shown to be Caucasian with brown hair. In #19 the back of his head is shown in shadow. In #20 he is dark-skinned and has black hair. Whether this is a consequence of the Terrigen Crystals or a simple printer's mistake is unrevealed.

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