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Elena King

Elena King was an artist who was active in the 1940s. She was friends with another group of artists. One artist was Anthony Lane, who gave up his profession as a doctor to pursue a career in wax sculpting. Eventually, Anthony's mental health took a turn for the worse and left town for six months. Lane eventually ended up in Cuba where he died.

When Elena learned of this, it was recommended by her brother take up Lane's identity in order to blackmail her colleagues for money. To this end, she wrote a telegram to herself from "Lane" that threatened to change her into a wax statue if she did not pay a $10,000 ransom. She and her colleague Jim Hargrave dismissed it as a joke, while their friend Allen took it seriously. That night, Elena made it appear as though "Lane's" threat came true by placing a wax sculpture in her likeness in her apartment. The next morning she sent another ransom demand to Allen who then called his friend the Human Torch to investigate. Another ransom telegram was also sent to Jim, and the Torch suggested planting fake money at the drop off zone while he and Toro staked the place out.

That night, after the money was dropped the Wax Master went to collect he money. When the Torch tried to stop "his" getaway car he was doused in a vapo-gas that knocked him out. The Wax Master then put a wax statue in the Torch's place and kidnapped the hero and brought him back to her hideout at a chemical factory. There, the Wax Master revealed "his" plan and left the Torch to die by an overflowing cauldron of molten wax while "he" went after Jim again. The Torch however was rescued by Toro and the two napped the Wax Master at Jim's home, unmasking her as Elena King and learning of her plot.[1]

Wax Master was later seen as a resident of Valhalla Villas, a retirement home for ex-heroes and ex-villains that is located in Miami. She is among the residents that are temporarily de-aged by Mary Morgan during the Incursion between Earth-616 and Earth-1610.[2]

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