Appearing in "Elektra Lives Again"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Elektra (Dream, resurrected and back to death)
  • Alice Courtney
  • Foggy Nelson
  • Betsy Beatty (Appears on a Computer Screen, TV or Hologram Only)


Other Characters:

  • Church's Father
  • Jack Murdock (Mentioned)
  • Hugo Natchios (Mentioned)
  • Gloria Fenton (Dream)
  • Archbishop Fresina (Dream)
  • Otto Eisenbluth (Dream)
  • Karen Page (Mentioned)
  • Guido Contavespi (Only in flashback) (Death)
  • Johnny Falcone (Mentioned)
  • Pascal (Only in flashback)
  • Ralph (Named only)



  • Elektra's sais (Mentioned)
  • Piano
  • Weapon "Throwing Star"
  • Ballpoint pen

Solicit SynopsisEdit

  • Despite the fact that Elektra died in his arms, Daredevil is plagued by recurring nightmares and terrible premonitions that his former lover and world's top assassin-for-hire is not only alive, but active once more.

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