The Eldest is a role taken on by a single member of the Scy'ar Tal at a time. Assigned to a seemingly random individual, the Eldest acts as a vessel for the combined might of the Scy'ar Tal, drawn to him in the form of an unknown type of energy. The death of the Eldest causes immense pain among the other members, and the deaths of members of the Scy'ar Tal leads to a decrease in power for the Eldest.

The first member of the Scy'ar Tal to take on the role after re-entering our universe did it in an effort to combat the Shi'ar, and their protectors, the Imperial Guard. Shown to have sufficient strength to break the arm of Gladiator, he later faced Vulcan and Havok and was defeated. When a new member of the Scy'ar Tal took on the mantle, Vulcan used his powers to draw the energy out of the Eldest and usurp the role, his costume taking on several of the characteristics seen in that of the costume usually worn by the Eldest.

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