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The Elder Gods are incredibly powerful ethereal beings with vast cosmic powers, who are the survivors of the first wave of entities that were spawned by the Demiurge visiting Earth soon after its formation, 4 billion years ago.[1] Gaea currently resides within the Earth itself. Oshtur formed the Vishanti to assist Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. Set and Chthon were driven from Earth by Gaea's son Atum, but still exert influence through their followers and artifacts.[1]

Chthon tricked Ian McNee into gathering the Cornerstones of Creation.[2]

Powers and Abilities


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Average Strength level



None known.


Level of Technology: Magic


  • The magical hierarchy was confirmed in the Marvel Tarot #1 and Mystic Arcana to only have four surviving elder gods. The Gibborim have been variously referred to as elder gods, children of elder gods, or children of another cosmic level deity. All other elder gods were destroyed by Atum and are where the pantheons of Humankind emerged.[1]


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