Quote1 We Sentinels are humanity's trump card against the mutant threat. You'll be the last generation of Homo superior. Everything you've ever feared huddling in your pathetic little refuges... is coming to pass. Quote2
-- Commander Ekatarina Gryaznova src


Ekatraina Gryaznova, alias Gryphon worked for rogue faction of the CIA working in El Salvador The team was tasked with kidnapping Dr. Rebecca Schuyler, but the mutant hero Domino came to her rescue. Ekatarina sent the combat droid Jericho to fight her, but Domino used an EMP to take it down. The feedback put Ekatraina in a coma for ten months.[1]

Operation: Zero Tolerance

She was later revived by three brilliant docors Dr. Ogada, Dr. Joshua and Dr. Chandra who were working for the Aguilar Institute. She was chosen as a prime subject for Operation: Zero Tolerance. She was then approached by Bastion, head of the group, who offered to restore her mobility altering her to become a through cybernetic's into a Prime Sentinel. She accepted the offer but only so she could get revenge on Domino.[2]

The Mutant Liberation Front takes hostages at the Wakeman Oncological Research Center, Ekatarina comes to stop with a group of agents. X-Force disguised themselves as a news crew to get inside but she recognized but let them go so the Prime Sentinels inside could deal with them. The agents later captured Rictor, Shatterstar and Meltdown.[3]

Gryaznova led into the facility and took Tempo, Dragoness and Domino as prisoners. FBI agent Ritter attempted to have their captives released, but she refused. She was then contacted by Bastion, but claimed that Domino had escaped. Ekatarina brought Domino to the Aguilar Institute's doctors. Domino awakens from her unconscious state and soon realizes that she was drugged. Gryaznova walks in and tells her that she is her prisoner. Domino tells her to go ahead and kill her and Gryaznova tells her that she is not going to kill her, but instead wants her to suffer for what she has done in her life. She then tells Domino that she has found information regarding what Gryaznova believes to be Domino's past and begins to tell her about the files. She tells her of a young 13-year-old girl that was arrested to her dealings with the death of her ex-husband and other recent dealings with X-Force. She then placed her into the doctors' care, and they planted a device in her nervous system.

Domino tells her that only a few things are true, but even some of it was not Domino but a shape-shifter posing as her. Gryaznova then tells her that in El Salvador Domino went to save a doctor and encountered a new cybernetic robot named Jericho. Domino used some sort of EMP weapon and fried the robot, which in turn put Gryaznova, who controlled the robot, into a coma. Gryaznova then tells her that when she awoke in the hospital she was turned into a Prime Sentinel and planned to eventually find Domino and take her revenge on her. Gryaznova then knocks Domino out. When Domino awakens, she is in a hospital and is being administered anesthesia while Gryaznova looks on.[1]

She placed a neural leech on the men guarding Meltdown, Rictor and Shatterstar so that doctors could study them. However, X-Force came to their rescue, and Moonstar knocked Ekatarina out with her powers.[2]


When Bastion discovered that Ekatarina was a traitor, he reprogrammed her body's nanotechnology, turning her into a freak. She was taken to the Aguilar Institutewhere they used genetic engineering to transform her into the Gryphon, a hybrid of nature's most efficient predators.

When Domino and Jesse Bedlam and invaded the facility's site so that Domino could confront Gryphon, they were ambushed and turned over to the Gryphon, but Jesse returned with X-Force to save her. They nullified the device the doctor had put on her. The Gryphon battled Domino, but was ultimately beaten when she stood under the force field cell, and Bedlam reactivated it, crushing her back. Badly injured, she started the facility's self-destruct in an attempt to kill Domino, but Domino and the rest of X-Force escaped.[4]

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