Living in a future timeline of Earth-1610, Eisenhower Canty, known as Hammer, was a member of a group called Six Pack. Their world had been devastated by a being known as Apocalypse, and Six Pack were the few remaining mutants who managed to uphold the ideals of Charles Xavier and his X-Men. Their leader, Cable, began to believe that a string of seemingly unconnected events all originated with the machinations of Xavier, leading to the downfall of civilization. He believed that the only way to prevent this catastrophe would be to go back in time and kill Xavier.

Hammer and Six Pack accompanied Cable in his jaunt through time, ending up stationed at an abandoned base in Finland. Cable was unsuccessful in his first attempt to kill Xavier, and kidnapped Jean Grey so that Xavier would be forced to trade his life for hers. The X-Men, led by Hammer's former teammate Bishop, attacked, and Hammer and the others gravely injured several X-Men in the first moments of the fight. Hammer went toe-to-toe with several different X-Men, and remarked that it was an honor for him to beat up Iceman, as in his time, Drake was a legendary hero. Wolverine jammed his claws into Hammer's stomach, but the big mutant barely flinched. Though Cable was forced to join them in order to change the tide of the battle, it was all for naught as Professor Xavier ended up crashing the X-Wing into the middle of the fight. The crash broke Hammer's back and wounded his teammates, who panicked when they saw what had happened to him. Kane activated a time-traveling device, and the four of them fled, claiming that Cable didn't pay them enough to suffer so much and seeking medical help for Hammer.


He possessed super-human strength and durability, and barely reacted when Wolverine plunged his claws into his stomach.

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