Far north of the crests of the Eiglophian on the edge of the deep woods of the taiga, the Aquilonians established a frontier and built a fortress under siege by the Vanir. Hired as mercenary by the Ninth Legion, Conan and the First Centurion Lucius Vindictus managed to escape the slaughter.[1]


Daius (Earth-616)

Daius (Earth-616)


Daius was Lucius Vindictus' attendant.[1]

Lionus (Earth-616)

Lionus (Earth-616)


Lionus was an Aquilonian soldier, whose jaw was broken by Conan during a drunk fight over salt rations.[1]

Lucius Vindictus (Earth-616)

Lucius Vindictus (Earth-616)

Lucius Vindictus

Fist Centurion of the Ninth, Lucius Vindictus was chosen to take his place through the harsh winter of Vanaheim, to helm the fort at the forest's edge. He noticed Conan in chains, and freed the Cimmerian after he managed to warn the garrison of an enemy attack. After the Vanirmen stormed the fortress, Vindictus was blinded in battle, but, aided by the Cimmerian, he managed to escape with him.[1]


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